Estate Liquidation Services available


‣  On-premises liquidation  

We come with over twenty five years of retail experience. We have knowledge of the current market value and trends enabling us to realize the highest dollar value of your estate.

Whether it’s old or new, big or small, our skilled staff can appraise, market, and sell nearly every item.

When the need to liquidate a lifetime estate arises we understand it is a difficult process for all. We hope that we can simplify this process and alleviate the worries involved. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment.


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Estate Sale


After scheduling a meeting, seeing your estate, and agreeing to the terms of the sale, our team of professionals will get to work valuing, pricing and organizing the entirety of the house. 



Offering the Northwest's

 Multi-tier sale marketing

‣  Visa and MasterCard accepted at sale

‣  House left empty and ready to sell

‣  Outright purchase of household contents

By the end of the sale, stereotypically the house is nearly empty. Whatever is not sold will be donated to a charity of the family's choosing or disposed of properly. The house will be completely empty and ready for a professional cleaning service. 

  • We meet with family members to discuss all available options.
  • We sort and price the entire contents of the home with our knowledgeable staff.
  • We advertise and hold the estate sale with an experienced team.
  • We donate all donatable items not sold, to a charity of the family's choosing.
  • We leave the house completely empty and ready for professional cleaning by a  mutually agreed upon date

You’ve made an important and wise decision.

We bring decades of experience and knowledge to your estate.


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‣  Three week lead time

‣  Decades of experience and knowledge


We typically host 2-3 day sales from Friday to Sunday depending on the size of the estate. We are well known around the Northwest and thanks to our reputation and advertising, we typically have people lined up down the street ready to shop. 


‣  Efficient disposal of all household goods

Estate Liquidation Services

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