Little T's Treasures

Your Options

Outright purchase of remaining household contents

For the family this option maximizes the return from the sale. As payment for our services, we receive a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the estate. This method efficiently disposes of all household goods and allows the family the peace of mind that the contents are being professionally handled and evaluated at current market prices. The family is notified of any significant discoveries during the sorting process and all family memorabilia is saved. We require a minimum three week lead time to properly prepare for and conduct the sale.

Our terms and fees are as follows:

40% of the net proceeds from the sale (sales tax and credit card fees excluded - family responsible for final clean out and emptying of home)
45% of the net proceeds from the sale and we will leave the house totally empty
Dumping fees* (average estimate $200)
Advertising fees (average estimate at $100)
Bankcard Fees (3.00% of bankcards taken)

After a thorough review and evaluation of your estate we will recommend one of the following options for liquidation and closure of the household. We are available to discuss these options and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you or your family want to propose an arrangement, we are open to discussion. We look forward to meeting you and discussing any of your concerns.

This is the quickest method of disposal, yet under this scenario the actual price paid is less than the estimated liquidation value. This lump sum cash out is significantly lower then the actual liquidation estimate. The cash out price assumes the risk of discovery by the purchaser.

On-Premise Liquidation

Professional evaluation with the first rights to purchase select items

* Seattle City Laws prohibit us from disposing of your household hazardous waste. This is any paint, chemicals, and gardening chemicals. The family will remain responsible for those items. We have a list of people that we can refer you to disposal of those items. 

This is an option for the family that wants to conduct their own sale. We will come in and go through the contents of the home and give guidance on values and disposal of the contents. Under this scenario we are given first right to purchase items from the estate. Our time will be billed at $50.00 hourly per person.

Estate Liquidation Services